Google Loves Video!

“No Sh*t!” said the internet guru, who casually uses phrases like search engine optimization, organic ranking, and blogosphere (no I didn’t just make that one up).

First, most search engines have a blended or ‘universal’ search system. Try this- Go to Google and search ‘baby panda’. Blam- your browser is flooded with pictures and videos of cute fluffy pandas… not just a list of websites with text descriptions.  If Bing is your thing, try it there too, same deal.


Video search results took up half the first page on Google. While keyword-rich text pages are still important, it’s pretty obvious that Google has an affinity for video. In fact, research shows that you have a significantly better chance of a first-page ranking with a video over a text page. Forrester research claimed, in 2009, that video had more than a 50 times better chance of a first page ranking over a text page. 50.

So, even if you don’t consult METHODLOFT for all of your video needs, video is still an important thing that any business should consider. Put a video on YouTube with a good title, good description, and some solid keywords, then sit back. Doesn’t it feel good to be productive?

PS. If you have access to baby pandas, they have powers to significantly boost your Google ranking.

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