Titanic coming in 3D!!!

titanic 3d
It’s official.  Titanic will be released in 3D in 2012.  In other news…

Here at Methodloft… <fade in ‘my heart will go on’ (rave mix)>
we’ve been busy.

Fatawesome (our sketch group)- is currently in the post-production stages of a new sketch video for Cracked.com.  We shot it over the course of the last two weeks, and so far it looks as sexy as anything.

On the client side- We have a meeting at Fox tomorrow in regards to a top secret project we shot and edited.  No more details, sorry, it sounds more impressive that way.

We are also in the process of finishing and beginning a couple of projects for Montserrat College of Art.  Congrats to the graduating class of 2011, see you at commencement, and don’t mind the camera in your face.

The video we did for Golfetail has been picking up some steam recently.  After an initial 4,500 views from Golfetail’s readership, the video has recently reached an impressive 25,000 views… and counting!  If our math is correct, that’s over a 500% increase (yelling) !

Locker Room Snatch


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