Tosh.0 – Viral Video Dominates TV

Tosh.0 is a series on Comedy Central that is all about viral video (for those that live under a rock, or don’t have cable, which I suppose isn’t that uncommon, but what I’m trying to say is- this show is VERY popular).

Season 1 of Tosh.0 averaged over 1 million viewers per episode. Currently in it’s third season… episodes are averaging over 2 million viewers.  Day-um.

The internet is the future… and the present.  It will just continue to takeover traditional forms of media until one day kids will ask, “Tele-vis-ion?”  Maybe not, but I already watch all of my favorite shows online (thank you Hulu).  More supporting evidence- One of the most popular shows on television is about viral video.

Comedian Daniel Tosh does a good job carrying the show, but the meat of it is provided by the online community.  Yay internet!  Always working for cheap… when not for free.  Everyone and their mom (dad, little sister, pet cat) is posting videos online.

YouTube is like the ocean, or maybe more like space.  Whatever your analogy of choice, YouTube is an overwhelmingly large supply of online video, most of which you will never have the time to even scratch the surface of, or care to for that matter.  A lot of garbage, yes, but also a lot of competition.

Quantity over quality works when ‘quantity’ refers to an ever-growing abyss of content.  What if a television network handed out millions of cameras and asked stranger to make their show, for free, and then they’d take only the good stuff? That’s exactly what Tosh.0 did.  And that is why it’ll do just fine.



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