How do I make a Viral Video?

If you are looking for internet fame, it might be easier than you thought, or more difficult… depending on your intentions.”

A viral video is one that becomes popular through the process of Internet sharing, typically through video sharing websites, social media and email.” -Thank You Wikipedia

To intentionally create a viral video one must first acknowledge the massive boulder blocking your road to internet fame. In it is etched the word-UNINTENTIONAL– The majority of online hits are accidental, since the internet community is quick to sniff out something manufactured. Said ‘internet community’ is extremely powerful too, they don’t want to give additional attention to someone that is already trying to make themselves famous.

Example- Cats. They might strut around like they know the internet loves them, but I have yet to see a cat upload their own video. Another example- Star Wars Kid. He didn’t film himself swinging a golf ball retriever like a jedi to become famous. In fact, he sued the kids that uploaded it.

Grey Area- We made a video in the same realm as Star Wars Kid, titled- TURTLEBOYWe made the effort to shave a kids head and paint his whole body green, clearly this was some ‘intentional’ effort, but people still shared it. The video was indeed planned, but there was something refreshingly authentic (maybe even innocent) about turtleboy’s martial arts moves. I believe it was this unique value that led to features on Collegehumor, MTV, VH1, G4, the BBC, and most recently- a national show in Japan.Sometimes a video is made with the sole intention of creating some online buzz, and sometimes it works. Things are too easy to share on the internet, so if something is good enough, people are going to share it. Example- those Old Spice commercials. Sketch comedy is also huge online too. Thank god these aren’t shunned by the internet community, or I might be out of a job. But to skip over the shameless self-plug there…

Let’s breakdown a mega Viral Video – Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ (this one deserves to be embedded)

One might ask oneself- “Is this for real?” or maybe “Is this real life?” (if you don’t instantly recognize that quote you have some viral video catching up to do). That is what makes this video so awesome- viewers don’t know if it’s supposed to be funny. Greenscreen? A featured rapper? This is too much effort to be a joke, yet not enough effort to be taken seriously. While viewers scratched their heads in wonder, they sent the video to everyone they’ve ever encountered in life. Rebecca Black has achieved fame, and while I think she was hoping for it, she probably didn’t expect people to share the video with messages titled ‘Worst Video Ever’. People have been in an uproar against the production company behind it- Ark Music Factory.  Internet.  You never cease to amaze me.

Wait?  So How do I make a viral video?

You can hire Ark Music Factory or you can just keep a camera handy.  You never know when awesome will happen (at the dentist, at work, at a public park, or the moon).  If you don’t want to sit around waiting for your neighbor to fall off their roof then start scripting some videos.  If you have a good idea, filming it is easy these days, and uploading to youtube is free, there is a monstrously big audience at your fingertips. No excuses.Now that we’ve reached the end of this post, I think a plug is acceptable here.

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