The World’s Most Famous Cat : Maru

‘Keyboard Cat’ might be one of the most recognizable memes to date, but Maru is a feline celebrity that has far surpassed any chance of being dubbed a one-hit-wonder.

Maru boasts an impressive 93+ Million views. His tendency to jump into boxes and stick his face into bags might have created some initial buzz, but I’m pretty sure his fat and fluffy face can be credited to his on-going celebrity status. For example, here’s a video of Maru lying in a sink- over 2 million views (probably about 50 of which are mine).

I’d gladly fly to Japan for one of these cats, which is actually a breed called ‘Scottish Fold’. I’d gladly fly to Scotland too, where I’d like to think herds of Maru-clones freely roam the hills. It’s definitely a cool breed, but after some google image-ing, I think it’s safe to say that Maru is especially unique-looking. I still think it’s his round (fat) face.And lastly, what does “Maru” mean in Japanese? – round. How appropriate.

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