Viral Video Marketing Statistics

Check out this article by Lauren Drell.Media as we know it is constantly evolving.  Marketing has been forced to adapt to the internet, especially considering the fact that a significant number of people watch all of their favorite shows their computer.  The world of online video has leveled the playing field and given everyone access to a worldwide audience in just a few clicks.In a nutshell, it’s what we do here at METHODLOFT. Online Video Marketing is a force to be reckoned with… and everyone’s starting to catch on.  We pulled some of the quotes from Lauren Drell’s article below.“Now, more and more small businesses are learning that making a catchy video and watching it go viral just might be the cheapest, most effective marketing they can engage in.””…viral video production can be part of an concerted marketing campaign. Take Old Spice, whose “Old Spice Guy” campaign (which included both social media and TV commercials) helped the brand generate tens of millions of views on YouTube and increase sales by 107 percent.””Online video is the only advertising medium with a growth rate of 40 to 60 percent per year. More traditional media, like television and print, have flat or declining growth rates.””Online video viewing is increasing across all demographics. A bigger video audience means you can target more viewers and potentially turn them into customers.””The ROI of getting in front of customer eyeballs through online video is typically high, because of low production and distribution costs.””A video by topic is about 10 times more likely to end up in the top 10 search results than a text piece of the same topic, since search engines try to diversify the results. In short, videos get preferential treatment, and there’s a better clickthrough rate than with text pieces because videos show up with a hard-to-miss thumbnail.””Video is the most visceral and interactive form of social media, which makes it the most effective and persuasive marketing tool. People remember video more than, say, a banner ad.”

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