Impressive graphics that explain your product, business or idea quickly - sure to captivate any audience.

Why Animation?

Animation and motion graphics are an awesome way to tell others about your business or product.  Capture your audience’s attention with slick graphics, music, and a professional voiceover.  Plus videos don’t just look better either, they are better- better at increasing click-through rates and boosting conversions.

Rather than making visitors read a block of text on your homepage, use a video to really engage them.  People usually scan text or skip it all together, while a video allows visitors to look and listen.  Don’t miss out on potential clients, start using video today.

“We have worked with Methodloft for over a year and we couldn’t be happier. As a start-up we don’t have long time horizons and often have to plan videos at short notice. Methodloft has been extremely responsive to our ever-changing needs and has produced the highest quality videos at competitive rates with short turnaround times.”

Matt Cherian, BITSIGHT

100% Custom

Everything we produce is 100% custom.  No templates here. Every character, icon, and landscape is created just for you.  We make the style match the message.

Don’t fall for cheap options that force your vision into a box to fit one of their templates. When you work with us, there is no box to limit your message.

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