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What are whiteboard videos?

Whiteboard videos are a slick, affordable, and ideal for telling a story. They emulate drawing and writing on a whiteboard. Each video is a combination of live drawing, images moving in and out of frame, and drawn text.

Why whiteboard videos?

Ever try to explain something using just words? It’s usually a lot easier with visual aids. You don’t have to be an artist to significantly enhance your message with just a pen and a pad of paper, so think of how much more effective your message will be with illustrations done by an artist.

They’re simulations of what writing on a whiteboard looks like. This style of live drawing feels more personal and connects well with viewers. Take advantage of this powerful marketing tool because you only have a few seconds to engage visitors. Companies who are leading the charge in marketing use video.

With whiteboard videos, everything can be done remotely. It doesn’t require a photogenic office or facilities. Plus, you don’t have to be on camera. We’ll even hire a voiceover artist for the script.

Why us?

We’re storytellers. We’ve written scripted content for television networks and written viral videos seen by millions. At Methodloft, we can take your message and shape it into an effective and concise story that will grab the attention of potential clients when they land on your site.

Each project that we work on is custom designed. We don’t hire out any of our work and we don’t use drag and drop templates that some larger companies typically use. We make every effort to accurately represent you and your business.

When you work with Methodloft, you can expect personal attention and timely delivery. We are a two-person team, so you don’t have to worry about getting passed between multiple departments and getting multiple people up to speed. We set clear and definable goals and share each step with you as we work. There can be as much or as little communication as you want. If you prefer to hand us the reigns completely, we’ll use our professional judgement to create the best possible video for your business.

We do all the heavy lifting so there is minimal work on your part. Simply tell us what your goal is, choose from a selection of different art styles, then sit back and wait for us to send you a video. It’s that simple.

Check out some of our whiteboard video samples!


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