Better content, more leads.

We have produced videos for attorneys in the Greater Boston Area and Southern New Hampshire for over seven years

We’ve successfully generated leads for small practices and large firms. From overview videos to FAQ videos, all of the content is created for the specific purpose of producing tangible results by building a compelling online-presence and making a personal connection.

We have an exceptionally efficient operation

We’ll come to your office at your convenience and have a finished product for you in as little as one week. We’re used to directing individuals that aren’t accustomed to being in front of a camera and we make every effort to make our clients look their absolute best.

“I’ve had many clients tell me that one of the reasons they’ve either picked up the phone or contacted my office is because they saw the videos.”

DUI Defense Attorney Michael Bowser

Make a personal connection

Making a personal connection is especially important when it comes to choosing an attorney.  Videos speak volumes more than a block of text and could likely be the difference between having a potential client pass you over or decide to work with you.  We’ve worked with attorneys that successfully landed clients off of videos with less than 25 views.

Overview videos

Whether you’re a practicing individual or a large firm, an overview video is an efficient and effective means of communicating what your practice is all about. Typically around two minutes long, an overview video is your commercial to the world. It’s a great opportunity to explain your practice areas and specialties, showcase your office/facilities, and to give an elevator pitch to people you might never have the opportunity to speak to otherwise.


Practice Area Videos

Category videos are used to highlight a specific product or practice area. For example, we produce videos for product liability attorneys that educate the viewer about the specific dangers a product poses and how they can seek help. Not only are these videos an ideal way to populate a website and YouTube channel, they function as commercials for highly searchable terms.


FAQ Attorney Videos

Educating individuals about your specific practice area is a great way to generate valuable content and to establish yourself as a thought leader. FAQs are also a great way to quickly and easily populate social channels like YouTube and Facebook. Sharing information is a non-intrusive way to make an introduction to potential clients. FAQ videos are easy. We simply ask you questions that you already know the answer to. What questions do customers typically ask you? What industry related advice do you usually give? These starting points often generate at least six to twelve introductory questions that require little preparation.


Attorney Television Commercials

Traditional advertising remains a viable route, especially for personal injury attorneys. Things like product recalls often require commercials to alert individuals that might otherwise not be aware of the issue. We have great turn-around time and have been able to produce commercials for clients that require urgent delivery.


Attorney Testimonials Videos

Testimonials are an extremely powerful piece of marketing material. An on-camera client speaks volumes to the credibility of your firm. Testimonial videos are an opportunity for prospective clients to see the enthusiasm and satisfaction of one of your clients. Your clients can also speak about you in a way that you can’t- it’s more appropriate and often more believable for a client to say you’re great rather than from your own mouth.


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