Have an idea for a show? Let us help you bring it to life

Turn an idea into reality

Instead of just telling people you have a great idea for a TV show, let us help make it a reality. We can create a marketable pitch that shows network executives what your show could actually look like, rather than leaving it up to their imagination.

We’ve done it

Pitching a television show is a complicated process, but luckily we’ve already done it. We’ve produced pilots for MTV Networks and Fox Boston. We’ve worked in scripted comedy, animation, and unscripted (reality).

We are currently working on a series for Machinima Networks. If you have an idea for a TV show, we can develop and produce it. We’ve gone through the development phase, production, and network pitches so we can apply years of experience to help position your project for networks.

Getting your pilot sold

Getting your pilot sold

We’ve opened the doors to the entertainment industry. With several contacts we can help get your project into the right hands.

We’ve gone through the process multiple times, so we have a good understanding of what it actually entails. We take everything we’ve learned and apply it your project to make sure it’s the best it can be.

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