If you want to go viral, we’ve got you covered.

Why viral video?

Imagine having a piece of content that people share because they want to, not because you paid them to. Not only does it make your audience authentic, your potential reach suddenly grows exponentially. That’s the goal of Viral Marketing- make content that spreads, it’s what we’ve been doing well for years.

Why us?

We have successfully created several viral videos and established ourselves as authorities in the industry. We’ve accumulated over 60 million views on our personal YouTube channel with our original content. We’ve also been featured on leading television networks such as MTV, VH1, BBC, Comedy Central and been interviewed by leading publications.

Our reputation has led to opportunities to speak at marketing conferences and universities. Plus, leading brands like Ford and KFC have trusted our skills when it comes to viral marketing.

Our Trusted Clients

We know the audience

Our authenticity lends itself to our success. Viral Marketing isn’t a foreign frontier that we’re trying to set foot in, we’ve been an active part of it since 2007.

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